Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Fitting in

Woow. Finally got my act together after being over here in the US for about 4 weeks now. So I setup this blog so I can, uhm, broadcast information rather than answering individual mails. Which is good as the latter is somewhat timeconsuming. So, to do this the right way I’ve also subscribed a bunch of friends and family; I’m sure they’re all delighted about reading when I buy a new brand of toothpaste and whatever. We’ll see :-)


A view of Manhatten on a trip to Raleigh, NC

Things have been very hectic with work up until last week or so, with the freezing of what will become Fedora Core 3. This release features HAL and other components from the Utopia stack that I and others have been working on for the past year.


Yay! Plugging in the hard disk from my old FC1 server Just Works(tm).

I’m pretty happy with the outcome; big thanks go to Kay for all his patches and hard work especially on the volume_id library. He rocks.

The US is a strange and wonderful place at the same time. One thing is that I’ve become somewhat a baseball fan with Red Sox and their powerful comeback; it looks like they are going to beat the curse this year. Another thing is that I’m down to fifteen cigarattes a day. I guess that is a good thing.

For the record, my new car so much beats the one that krh bought :-)

Well, off to find a bar and see the Red Sox play.

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