Saturday, January 8, 2005

Snow and Furniture

Went up to Nashua, NH today. Just after I left it started snowing which meant that it took 80 minutes rather than 45 minutes to get there. Driving conditions were terrible, I saw at least four cars parked on the shoulder, all out of commision.

Went to Furniture World and spent around $1700 on a Love Seat and a matching Recliner. Both in a contemporary green/grey colour (or at least that what’s the nice girl in the store said). Man, a European has to get to used to the American language. Also picked up a cocktail table in glass with a fossil stone base (sic) - the table is a bit “I don’t know”, not sure yet it that was a good purchase though I’m sure Pat Bateman would approve :-) . We’ll see.

The Goods are being delivered on Wednesday, I can’t wait, it’s beginning to get kind of creepy not having any furniture (except for the telly and the slim PS2 that I got within a week of moving in - good for a man to have his priorities straight). That brings my short list of furniture yet to acquire down to: Futon, Desk, Bed, Dining table, AMD64 Shuttle, Misc Items. Oh well, the AMD64 Shuttle isn’t exactly furniture but, hey, it’s all the same budget :-)

Off to dinner at the Middle East (very good food, been there once before) and then some Karaoke later on.

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