Sunday, February 20, 2005

Busy week and finger prints

Had a busy schedule last week; went to Linux World here in Beantown on Tuesday and then FUDCON at Boston University on Friday. Got pretty well wasted with the desktop crew at a bar in Boston Friday evening. Neat.


Captured with my shiny new driver

Spent most of today hacking on a driver for the APC Biopod that I mentioned earlier. I actually managed to find detailed specs and, with some help from usbsnoop, I wrote a quick one-off user space driver using libusb. Happy about that; been wanting to get this device to work for a long time and now I just need to clean things up.. and decide whether it should be a kernel or user mode driver. Then to find some good finger print verification software; this looks like a good starting point. I’m afraid getting all the pieces done in a nice way (e.g. integration with GNOME Keyring) will require major work (finger enrollment, UI, PAM stuff etc.). Still, sounds like a fun project to do on the side. And it would be awesome to have this in Fedora.

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