Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Sweet Irony

I’ve just released HAL “Unmaintained piece of crap” and all vendors should upgrade as Linux kernels later than 2.6.17 will break HAL 0.5.7 (e.g. HAL will break in hardware detection, not the kernel). It should be a smooth upgrade and credit goes to Kay Sievers for the patches.


Just a few hours after my last entry, Jonathan Corbet of LWN found me at OLS and said it wasn’t LWN badmouthing HAL, he was just reporting what was going on at the kernel summit. So, sorry if I made it sound like it was LWN’s fault, it wasn’t, I do believe in free press and LWN is just an awesome resource. Oh, I just find the whole “unmaintained piece of crap” thing slightly amusing (hence the release name for - the community around HAL is alive and well even though I’m not presently around doing HAL stuff as much as I like.

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