Monday, November 26, 2007

Politics. Mudslinging. Chocolate.

Whether Murray is right or not, I think his recent rant is rather tasteless and I agree some kind of retraction/apology is needed.

FWIW, Murray’s post certainly don’t reflect what I’ve experienced when I started participating in the GNOME project 2003-2004ish. That said, I acknowledge it may reflect what others have experienced. I don’t know. Also, I tend to stay out of politics… at least politics on that level. That said, I do appreciate others doing all this work; for a project of GNOME’s size we do need people in the foundation and some board, we need people spreading the word around GNOME, we do need to participate in standard organizations etc.

Either way, this kind of mudslinging is very unproductive for the project and everyone involved should know better. An old friend of mine once said “Can’t we just focus on the chocolate?”. This was in reaction to stupid in-company fighting and also a pun on a tv commercial from some chocolate company. The commercial involved three chocolate makers. They were making chocolate. Or rather, two of them were ranting about all sorts of non-sense and as a result they didn’t make much chocolate. At some point the third guy just had enough and he started whining. Much like me in this post.

Guys, can we please focus on the chocolate instead of all this non-sense?


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