Tuesday, September 23, 2003

Hacking; Power outage


I’ve been told that I had a fun time at IBC



I’ve made good progress on the HAL project, lots of discussion and feedback on both xdg-list and linux-hotplug. It’s my first involvement in open source development and the ideas of extensive peer-review and general openness seem very good.


I’ve started reading Beyond Software Architecture : Creating and Sustaining Winning Solutions and it’s very good. Right up my alley with the role I have right now at work.


Finally some progress; we tested the kit sunday at the curling rink and it seems to work wrt. framerate updates etc. More on that later..

Power outage

Today, at approx 1240 local time all power disappeared in Copenhagen and parts of Sweden and Denmark. Four million people was without power for three to four hours. CNN is carrying the store here and the BBC coverage is here.

We all left work at about 1330 local time. On my way home people looked disoriented and there were signs of traffic congestion.. Power was restored at 1645 local time in my apartment and fortutantly my server came up again.. I did had to tweak around with my OpenVPN scripts and manually start the MySQL database, but that was really my own bad.

I’m quite amazed that something like this can happen in a country like Denmark where we pay more than 50% in taxes. I don’t mind doing that (that much), but then I want some freakin service and not this…

There are no reports on any fatalities (yet), which is good. On the bright side, I managed to do the dishes while the power was out :-)

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