Thursday, September 11, 2003



Long time since last update. A ton of things happened. My sister got
married, I’ve been in London to attend a press event at the parent
company of my employer, I’m single again, and finally, my parents
just celebrated their 40th annivesery.

Nothing has happened at the robocurl project since last update, which is too
bad. It’s currently in the hands of electricians that need to put
wires and television at the curling rink. Mind you, a curling rink
is 42 metres long and we have three cameras, two televisions and
two servers.

In other news, I made my first post
ever to a OSS list about an exciting topic I read about.
People were very nice and generally seemed to like my ideas, so I will
continue to work on my draft spec and prototype. I hope to have an improved
spec in html ready before I leave for IBC
in Amsterdam saturday night (back tuesday night).

Oh, and I’m trying out the MapLocations plugin…

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