Friday, November 17, 2006

Fast User Switching

I’ve just put up some notes about Fast User Switching and how we plan to integrate this into Fedora for our next release.

Most of this work builds upon ConsoleKit by the ever-so-awesome Jon McCann of gnome-screensaver fame. It’s not very Fedora centric so hopefully other Linux distributions (and other free UNIX-like systems like OpenSolaris and FreeBSD) will pick it up too. I’m excited, in particular, about the fact that, with infrastructure like this, we’ll be able to enhance applications to behave intelligently when f-u-s is used, e.g. pause media playback, go to away mode for IM etc.

pjones, campd and J5 at Charlies
Don’t forget the beer tonight

Going to pick up Kay later in the PM, he’s flying in from Hamburg. We’ll most likely end up at Flat Top’s later tonight for Dave’s shindig!

A few days ago Artem merged the Solaris backend for HAL. Awesome. The FreeBSD backend is going to be merged real soon now as well, the patch is already on the list.

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