Thursday, November 9, 2006

Software Freedom and Dealing with Resume Failures

  • Go read davej’s thoughts on Why Fedora isn’t Ubuntu. Required reading for people who believe in free software and thinks shipping insecure drivers is a bad idea. Choice quote: Maybe we can get a spaceman with lots of money to pay for the subsequent legal costs too.

  • Someone here at Red Hat was unhappy about a review of early RHEL5 code where Suspend to RAM didn’t work for the reviewer. Though I’m of the firm opinion that the root problem should just be fixed, reality is that it won’t get fixed anytime soon. So I ended up hacking up something so if suspend/hibernate fails… the user is presented with this on his next login:

    Problem resuming, buddy!
    Problem resuming, buddy!

  • This (somewhat useless) dialog is just the beginning; the long term upstream plan is to hook this up to Bug Buddy. Determining when to show this dialog is actually really difficult because the most common problem is that the system resumes just fine but the video isn’t turned on. And there is no chance of detecting such a failure programmatically, hence we need to be smart about it; find patches and more information here. I expect this to land in Rawhide pretty soon.

  • Am still in RHEL5 bug fixing mode; at least there’s light at the end of the tunnel so I can return to doing upstream work.

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