Monday, October 20, 2003

Andorra trip

Just back from my trip to Andorra


to see Stacy and Shuffle get married


I also had a great time with other friends of Shuffle


See all the pictures, and others, here (by invitation only).

Wednesday, October 15, 2003

Vacation and stuff



Oh, so I have two weeks off from work and I’m actually enjoying it. Most of the time spent in the living room punching the keys on my laptop and watching CNN. It seems that this particular network got the Linux Prodigy commercial on heavy rotation and it, uhhm, feels a bit, ahem, odd.. But I guess it’s good as it helps educate all the PHB’s out there that Linux is about *choice* and not about *cost*.. Hell, I’ll gladly pay more for a Linux solution that a Microsoft solution any day of the week and twice on sundays.

Choice, choice, choice… keep repeating that to yourself.

In other news I’m almost recovered from a flue that hit my mid last week. I couldn’t really be away from work because I had three visitors from Bangalore - good to finally meet people I’ve been emailing for the past six months.


Been working a lot on HAL, especially integration with D-BUS head. The object, method and interface stuff is soo nice. So every hardware device in HAL is now an object. Given different capabilities of the device it will have different interfaces. Possibly handled by different services..

D-BUS really rocks! Python really rocks! The combination rocks even more. I plan to write a small device manager showing the device tree(s) using the PyGTK bindings soon.

Going abroad

Yay! I’ll be leaving tomorrow for Andorra to attend the wedding party of Shuffle and Stacy.

(Note: the distinct guy on the right is Joey of Craftwork fame)

So, I’ll be flying to Barcelona with friends and we plan to rent a car and drive the last stretch to Andorra. Back again monday night.. Yay!!