Tuesday, August 19, 2008

DeviceKit presentations

Earlier today Richard and I did a DeviceKit (the set of projects replacing HAL) presentation for some other group here at Red Hat. You can see the slides here and here.

Perhaps of interest to the GNOME community, there’s also screenshots of Palimpsest, an upcoming Disk Utility library and application for GNOME. Most of this is already available in Fedora’s development branch, dubbed Rawhide, but won’t be installed by default in Fedora 10. Right now I’m busy with PolicyKit stuff but the plan is definitely to get a gnome-disk-utility mailing list going soon and get this stuff integrated throughout GNOME (I’ve already made sure it’s easy to plug into gvfs for example).

For example, I learned the other day that my disk is failing (actually, as mjg59 pointed out, it’s wrong to use the word FAILING since it’s Old-Age. Easily fixed.). Now, it would definitely be useful to have a notification bubble indicating this. This is pretty trivial to write using the DeviceKit-disks API; just monitor the org.freedesktop.DeviceKit.Disks.Device:drive-smart-is-failing property. Of course the gnome-disk-utility libraries (there’s one at the GLib level and one at the GTK+ level) wraps this nicely. In fact the gnome-disk-utility library at the GTK+ level should probably provide the code for doing this status icon. Something to discuss. Hence why a mailing list and more community involvement in the gnome-disk-utility project is needed.

Anyway, the goal is to port the most of the Fedora desktop to use DeviceKit instead of HAL for the Fedora 11 time frame.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Resolution Independent GTK+

Got one of them big laptops where you feel tempted to use a looking glass because the pixels are so tiny? Ever feel cheated when you adjust the font size but the rest of the UI looks like crap in comparison? Or maybe ever felt dirty when hard coding pixel values in your application?

there’s also a tiny and a normal version…

Today I sent a patch to gtk-devel-list adding Resolution Independence to the GTK+ toolkit. Let’s see how that goes.