Friday, October 20, 2006

Random Stuff and Random Flames

Looking at myself
Looking at myself or looking at you?

  • Just booked tickets for LCA 2007 in Sydney, Australia in January 2007. Am also taking some vacation to bum around .au the week following the conference. Am also planning to submit a proposal for the GNOME miniconf.

  • Sad to see yet another defector. Here’s a very insightful comment from davej about some of the damage done to the free software community.

  • Less-than-insightful rant about “crappy HAL” that frankly pisses me off.

  • Spent around 3-4 days optimizing HAL for CPU and memory consumption, here are the difference it makes on the 770, courtesy of Rob Taylor

  • Am almost done with a huge freakin patch for activation on the system message bus. Will need to write down how this relates to some of the init replacement projects out there; here are some thoughts about that for now, but it really deserves a full blog entry.

  • With the D-Bus bits (system bus activation) in place, I can move forward and do some PolicyKit stuff that requires the D-Bus bits in order to be useful.

  • Trying to spend lots of time on work-stuff since personal life is a bit busted at the moment.

Friday, October 6, 2006


Embedded Summit at MIT's Media Lab

At the Embedded summit at MIT Media Lab