Tuesday, May 31, 2005




Hanging with Kay Sievers in the Bier Garten


Jeff rocked


Stuttgart is rather nice


I’m going to Copenhagen tomorrow. As mentioned here I’m up for beer but we moved it to Friday from Thursday. Send me mail!

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Live Free or Die


I posted my patch for a small NetworkManager feature. There’s still some work left. Details here.


Also, Bastien proposed to integrate his small tool for importing .PCF files from the Cisco VPN Client. So, today I added a button for this.


K-rad settings


Yesterday, Marco arrived:


As you can tell, Marco is dutch :-)


Not that it’s really anyones business but mine :-) , but due to various, uhm, personal reasons I succumbed and started smoking again. I only smoke at nights though, not at work. Some day I will really stop but now just isn’t the right time… I did go about 13-14 days with a single cigarette. Bah.


I’m planning on meeting up with friends on the evening of Thursday the 2nd of June in Copenhagen somewhere at Vesterbro Torv. Drop me a mail if you feel like having a beer and hanging out! Hope to see a bunch of people! We should probably start at around 7 or 8pm at Obelix. Send me mail!

Monday, May 16, 2005

Refined Travel Plans

As mentioned earlier I’ll be travelling to Europe for GUADEC in less than a fortnight.


Friday night I felt like spontaneously visiting Revere Beach, MA

Tonight I just spent some airline miles so after spending $51 for taxes etc. I got this in the mail

01 June, 10:40, Stuttgart Stuttgart Apt Terminal 1
01 June, 12:20, Copenhagen Copenhagen Apt Terminal 3

04 June, 15:15, Copenhagen Copenhagen Apt Terminal 3
04 June, 16:45, Stuttgart Stuttgart Apt

which leaves the Saturday night in Stuttgart before I return to Boston on June 5.


Time: To measure, as in music or harmony. 1913 Webster

I hope to see all my buddies and family in Denmark! Even LKL despite he haven’t responded to mail for the past month. Slacker :-)




Tuesday, May 10, 2005

No Cigarettes

So, for some reason I decided to stop smoking last week. It was Tuesday morning on my way to work. I haven’t touched tobacco since and this is more than a week ago now.


The Two Towers: John Hancock and Prudential

The funny thing, however, is that it’s not completely clear to me why I want to stop. I’ve got a multitude of small reasons but not really any big ones. Part of my brain is trying to convince the other part about only smoking at night / at parties. I’m still clean though.

An interesting side effect of this whole ordeal is that my senses have improved. Somerville really does stink when the wind isn’t right :-)


View from my study: City of Boston

It’s probably been helpful that while living in my new apartment, I’ve only smoked outside on the balcony and for the past 7-8 months I’ve not smoked more than about fifteen a day. To compensate and be nice to myself, I picked up a copy of Tiger which is installing on my good old Powerbook 12″. I’ve also got myself a mini tripod for the new camera which I used for capturing the (long-exposure) images above (click the pictures to view the full 3456×2304 images).

Now.. I’m guessing that all you people now think “It will be interesting to see how this continues”. I know I do..

Monday, May 2, 2005

Sunday, May 1, 2005

Good times

M&M visit

My mom and older sister, Maria, visited last week; we went to Niagara Falls (on a two day trip), Cape Cod and did other tourist things here in Boston.


Visiting Niagara Falls, NY early Sunday

It was absolutely great to have the girls visiting and everything panned out very nicely. Also, now I’ve also got the right gear in the kitchen to cook food (my mom remarked that it’s an useful asset in order to pick up a girlfriend)


The Falls!


Given I’ve lived here for about 7 months, I’ve been quite fortunate with friends/family visiting me; Dennis was here in December, Maz dropped by in January, the girls in April and it looks like Marco and Lars is coming in May. Yay!


Visiting Race Beach near Provincetown on Cape Cod

New camera

I’ve finally bought a new camera, the Canon Digital Rebel XT which is a very nice 8M pixel SLR camera. It nicely complements my (nowadays, rather old) Canon Digital Ixus V - one for serious pictures, and one for fun.


My view of Beantown through the new camera

Conferences / Travel

I will be at 6UADEC in Stuttgart, Germany and will also spend five days after that probably travelling around Europe (returning June 5). Also, I’m going to OLS in July and will probably fly up there with Blizzard in his small plane :-) . Also, Kay is talking about visiting Boston just before OLS.