Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Live Free or Die


I posted my patch for a small NetworkManager feature. There’s still some work left. Details here.


Also, Bastien proposed to integrate his small tool for importing .PCF files from the Cisco VPN Client. So, today I added a button for this.


K-rad settings


Yesterday, Marco arrived:


As you can tell, Marco is dutch :-)


Not that it’s really anyones business but mine :-) , but due to various, uhm, personal reasons I succumbed and started smoking again. I only smoke at nights though, not at work. Some day I will really stop but now just isn’t the right time… I did go about 13-14 days with a single cigarette. Bah.


I’m planning on meeting up with friends on the evening of Thursday the 2nd of June in Copenhagen somewhere at Vesterbro Torv. Drop me a mail if you feel like having a beer and hanging out! Hope to see a bunch of people! We should probably start at around 7 or 8pm at Obelix. Send me mail!

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