Tuesday, May 10, 2005

No Cigarettes

So, for some reason I decided to stop smoking last week. It was Tuesday morning on my way to work. I haven’t touched tobacco since and this is more than a week ago now.


The Two Towers: John Hancock and Prudential

The funny thing, however, is that it’s not completely clear to me why I want to stop. I’ve got a multitude of small reasons but not really any big ones. Part of my brain is trying to convince the other part about only smoking at night / at parties. I’m still clean though.

An interesting side effect of this whole ordeal is that my senses have improved. Somerville really does stink when the wind isn’t right :-)


View from my study: City of Boston

It’s probably been helpful that while living in my new apartment, I’ve only smoked outside on the balcony and for the past 7-8 months I’ve not smoked more than about fifteen a day. To compensate and be nice to myself, I picked up a copy of Tiger which is installing on my good old Powerbook 12″. I’ve also got myself a mini tripod for the new camera which I used for capturing the (long-exposure) images above (click the pictures to view the full 3456×2304 images).

Now.. I’m guessing that all you people now think “It will be interesting to see how this continues”. I know I do..

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