Sunday, May 1, 2005

Good times

M&M visit

My mom and older sister, Maria, visited last week; we went to Niagara Falls (on a two day trip), Cape Cod and did other tourist things here in Boston.


Visiting Niagara Falls, NY early Sunday

It was absolutely great to have the girls visiting and everything panned out very nicely. Also, now I’ve also got the right gear in the kitchen to cook food (my mom remarked that it’s an useful asset in order to pick up a girlfriend)


The Falls!


Given I’ve lived here for about 7 months, I’ve been quite fortunate with friends/family visiting me; Dennis was here in December, Maz dropped by in January, the girls in April and it looks like Marco and Lars is coming in May. Yay!


Visiting Race Beach near Provincetown on Cape Cod

New camera

I’ve finally bought a new camera, the Canon Digital Rebel XT which is a very nice 8M pixel SLR camera. It nicely complements my (nowadays, rather old) Canon Digital Ixus V - one for serious pictures, and one for fun.


My view of Beantown through the new camera

Conferences / Travel

I will be at 6UADEC in Stuttgart, Germany and will also spend five days after that probably travelling around Europe (returning June 5). Also, I’m going to OLS in July and will probably fly up there with Blizzard in his small plane :-) . Also, Kay is talking about visiting Boston just before OLS.

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