Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Sod it

So, this morning, I come down to the parking deck of my building to see this


there were another convertible in the same shape and all the cars on the rear deck had their windows broken. Since I watched Mystic River (which is shot in my neck of the woods, e.g. Somerville) the other day, my first thought was to contract the Savage Brothers to make things right with the pricks who did this. Now I’m a bit more calm, so I think I’ll resort to calling the police and my insurance company. America, Fuck Yeah.

Adventures in booting

I’ve been looking at reducing the login time and I’m down to 40 seconds. Which I think is pretty good. My writeup is here. Oddly there were no responses on the mailing list. Havoc seems to like it though.

Bootchart - note how fast Firefox loads when it’s cached by readahead

Now to do a 0.4.2 release of hal.