Sunday, November 30, 2003

Christmas Season

Woov, long time without any updates; typically me :-/.


I was in Karlstad, Sweden just more than a month ago playing curling


with the team. We (barely) made it to the quarter finals but got beaten by once-world champion Peter “Peja” Lindholm. Hmm.. We played the danish world championship qualifiers back in DK the subsequent two weekends and managed to only win a single game. Bad..


I thought I was going to move into Joeys (Joey wouldn’t be living there though) really nice apartment out in Lyngby but we still to complete some paperwork. There is a good chance it may happen Jan 1st. Stay tuned.


I’m finally working on some research stuff / speculative development (which is what I should be doing full time) while at the same time acting as a consultant / lead tech on a few delivery projects and it’s difficult to balance. So I’ve started to log each and every hour in a detailed ChangeLog-ish format. It’s actually a good tool for prioritising stuff and saying no to some people.


I was interviewed, together with other contributors in an article here. There was a typical, yet a bit amusing, slashdot comment about the pictures.

HAL is actually starting to look good


It’s quite rewarding doing the GUI bits. The Linux 2.6 sysfs tree is being used extensively to gather information from. Both the device tree at /sys/devices and the class-devices are being inspected. It’s also seems stable; I can plug in a USB hub with my IBM USB hub keyboard and more devices and it works every time. I even started writing monitoring bits for /etc/mtab and I’ll add network link detection real soon now probably based on netplug. I’ll make a release in a week or so; most of the basics are working well enough now..

Powerbook, finally

Oh, I also bought a Powerbook G4 12″ on which I’m writing on right now. It’s sweet, Mac OS X Panther is sweet, I’ll have to write a blog entry about it.