Sunday, August 1, 2004

A whole new chapter

Friday was my last day at Visionik, a business unit of NDS plc.

My old office

I worked at Visionik for about five and a half years, so it wasn’t easy to say goodbye. It was a good evening friday though; beer with many good (now past) collegues and friends. I’ll miss Visionik and NDS and I plan to stay in touch; heh, we used to joke in the old days that the company was like Hotel California, “You can check out any time you want, but you can never leave”. Oh well :-)

For the next two months I’m going to work from home and in the end of September I’m going to relocate to US to properly start my new job in the desktop team at Red Hat. This is great stuff, I’m very happy about it! Initially, I’ll be working on getting the HAL stuff into the next release of Fedora Core. And I’m going to be hacking a lot on HAL ofcourse. Nice.

Two of my hacking areas at home :-)

Most of the paperwork is done, I’ve got a working permit and stuff, but there’s still some things left. I’m going to stash most of my physical belongings at my sisters new house at Fyn.

While going through my pictures I found this one from GVADEC

GNOME and Future Warfigther Systems

It was from the GNOME & Usability in Military Systems talk :-) . Woow.