Sunday, July 25, 2004



This weekend I went to my sisters housewarming in Ebberup, Fyn; I arrived late Friday post-work and came back late this Sunday afternoon, it was very relaxing; nice and insightful people; and draught beer; good stuff, all in all.

My almost-10-month-old nephew Harald


After the controversial story made headlines I dropped by to lurk on the #goneme channel on freenode and man, this beats Ricki Lake. Talk about misguided individuals; very entertaining, however from another, more correct perhaps, perspective it’s pretty sad; it could be interesting to figure out what is making these people tick. It’ll be interesting to see oGALAXYo lead this project, see how he will handle this. Stay tuned for the next installment! I know I will..

Stuck in a queue today

Project Utopia, HAL

Last week the proposed modules for GNOME 2.8 was discussed on desktop-devel-list and it seems that g-v-m, which will pull in HAL and stuff, received some pretty good comments. Great!

Otherwise I’ve been in Project Mgmt mode; right now I’m updating the spec; it’s more fun writing code though. I’ve felt kind of inactive the last week, maybe it’s just this that Joel describes so well.

And J5 is rocking on the 1:N stuff for GNOME VFS and Nautilus; he got the most important parts in before the freeze. Also Ray Strode have been hacking on in C. Sweet, just sweet. Oh, and there’s good discussion on the hfdb mailing list, also cool.

Sunday, July 11, 2004

New Old Blog

Decided to use this blog instead of my journal at advogato. I need to be able to post photos :-)


Been living in Lyngby, just 10km north of Copenhagen, for about 5 months

The view from my kitchen

The apartment is kind-of nice, spacious and stuff, but the commute every day is boring. And the neighborhood is kind of for settled people. I miss the city.


Went to a curling tournament not too long ago in Oberstdorf, Germany. It was a 15 hour drive, about 1300 km south. That was tough. It was not a serious tournament, the theme of the trip was “Don’t you hate pants?”

These people hate pants. They hate them so much

I played with a friend we call Shuffle (don’t ask) and these three norwegian girls I met for the first time

Amazed at the price differential on beer between Norway and Germany

Camilla is on the right, she’s very nice. I got her number :-)


After Germany I had to go to the UK for two consecutive weeks, pulling 12 hour days. That was not a lot of fun. Went to the pub a few times with good collegues though. Then I went to Seoul in Korea

From the Marriott looking north

It was my second time going, I was there in late January for the first time. It was also long days.

Somewhere in Seoul

I managed to see the first game that Denmark played in the EURO 2004, live by satellite. Nice.


GUADEC was nice, I wrote about that here. Good to finally meet Joe after having exchanged a lot of mail with him.

Joe has made up his mind about wireless scanning and HAL

It was also nice to meet Kay

Kay in front of the dodgy ‘Centrum Motel’

and other great hackers

Smoking outside on the last night


Got my patch for integration HAL and GNOME VFS merged. Also, Jimmac already produced icons for gnome-icon-theme. Way cool!

The patch on my Powerbook running GNOME from CVS