Wednesday, July 30, 2008

D-Bus introspection

Sure, there’s already d-feet and a similar Qt tool but for people who hate using the mouse or are allergic to X, I’ve put together this cute little hack that provides bash completion to dbus-send(1). Unfortunately it depends on the XML introspection parser from dbus-glib so it’s not straightforward to add to mainline D-Bus. Could easily go in dbus-glib though. Then again, it would be nice if libdbus included an XML introspection parser. Decisions, decisions.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Linux Plumbers Conference CFP extended!

I rarely blog these days, doing the Twitter thing instead and all. Anyway. The Call for Papers for the Linux Plumbers Conference in September in lovely Portland, Oregon has been extended until July 31st 2008. It’s a conference about the core infrastructure of Linux systems: the part of the system where userspace and the kernel interface. It’s the first conference where the focus is specifically on getting together the kernel people who work on the userspace interfaces and the userspace people who have to deal with kernel interfaces. It’s supposed to be a place where all the people doing infrastructure work sit down and talk, so that each other understands better what the requirements and needs of the other are, and where we can work towards fixing the major problems we currently have with our lower-level APIs.

I’m running the “Desktop Integration” microconf at Plumbers. I have two goals for the microconf. One is to be informative about what’s going on in the dusty hallways between the Kernel and the Free Desktop. Which I think is important at a place like Plumbers where we’re going to a lot of people working on similar problems present. The other goal is to actually try and make some headway on actual problems that require people from multiple communities working together. Such as some of the work Jon is focusing on, e.g. how to make fast-user-switching, multi-seat and terminal services Just Work(tm).

The conference is expected to sell out pretty quickly so it’s a good idea to go ahead and register for Plumbers Conference instead of procrastinating about doing it!

Linux Plumbers Conference

See you in Portland!