Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Secretary plugged hairdryer into UPS

Yay! My LUKS integration bits landed in Rawhide and will be in Fedora Core 5. In other news, the latest gnome-power-manager in Rawhide works really nicely with non-portable batteries e.g. Uninterruptible Power Supplies that supports the USB HID protocol.

New and l33t icons

Richard been kicking ass on gnome-power-manager recently - note how he even fixed my somehow pedantic requests to even make this work when hotplugging the UPS.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

There is no security on this earth, there is only opportunity

I’ve been hacking on and off with W. Michael Petullo on integrating LUKS into the GNOME desktop via HAL and patches are now upstream.. I think it rocks. I’ve prepared a small screencast:

Screencast of LUKS integration into GNOME

Hopefully we can get these bits into FC5; the patches themselves are pretty simple but you also need HAL and gnome-mount from CVS. I’ll do releases of the latter two later this week.

We still need some UI for setting up volumes; this should probably be integrated with gfloppy or maybe an entirely new UI for partitioning and formatting media. Fortunately, however, someone is already working on this but to do this securely we need to formalize privileges in HAL and I think there is consensus about how we want to do that.

In other news, danish are renamed in Iran. Some times, the world is so silly that it’s sad.