Sunday, October 31, 2004

A night out in town

Went out last night with krh and ssp. We were in downtown Lowell. It was smashing.


Two happy users

It creates a lot of fuzz and attention telling people you’re from Denmark; I think we got four or five free drinks on that account.


Happy people

Of course, recovering, the day after, is never easy.



I spent some time outside; that helped with the hangover.

Today and yesterday I’ve been looking into teaching LVM2 to HAL. The goal is simple; here’s one use case: Hooratio attaches two hard disks (say, mirrored or striped) and he should get a single entry in the /etc/fstab file and an icon in computer:///, automounting and all the other goodies we now have in the Utopia stack. I think that is somewhat easy to do through a callout plus some minimal changes to the hal daemon.

I’ve also been looking into dm-crypt; that’s a bit more tricky but entirely doable. Basically, what I’m looking for is gnome-volume-manager popping up a dialog asking for a passphrase. For bonus, throw in an emblem in Nautilus, possibly context menu options such as “Encrypt Filesystem”, “Decrypt Filesystem”, “Change Passphrase”, gnome-keyring integration.

Yesterday I bought an APC Biopod. It was kind of an impulse purchase (no open source Linux driver), well it was only $50, but I hope to find some time to write a small driver for getting the image from the device. It would be totally rad to have this work with gnome-keyring and other authentication mechanisms.

Oh, btw, I got the apartment in Somerville - I got the lease yesterday! Will be moving in tuesday or possibly already tomorrow monday. Also, krh is getting the apartment right next door as he also fancies the magnificent view of the Boston skyline. Will post pictures later.

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