Tuesday, February 22, 2011

PolicyKit textual authentication

Related to yesterday's bling post, I wanted to mention that PolicyKit also has a textual authentication agent (video):

This is useful in PolicyKit applications running in a non-graphical environment. It's simple to use: simply use PolkitAgentTextListener if the response from PolicyKit indicates that authorization can be obtained if more information is provided. Here are the changes that was needed for pkexec(1) command. An obvious candidate for this would be the pkcon(1) command.

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  1. David, I like the styling of the pop-up window, but given its function, I think a modal dialog, styled with GTK widgets similar to the application that trigged the PolicyKit event would be more intuitive (no confusion as to what application is asking you for credentials, because the modal window is directly on top of the app that spawned it).